The inequality of resources and the lack of representation of most scripts other than Latin-based alphabets is an ongoing concern. Typodiversity is a seminar that addresses the intersection of typography, type design and inclusion, focusing on the world’s writing systems.

The purpose of the seminar is to reach out to local and global typographic communities and provide a collaborative and open environment to connect users of different scripts to exchange ideas, directions and difficulties. We see this initiative as an opportunity to develop an open format for collaboration and exchange; a format that is accessible, distributed, and owned by local communities.

We propose the Arabic script for the first seminar of this kind, with a focus on Persian, as the organizers have strong connections in the Persian community.

Language barriers, travel costs and limitations and time zone differences can be critical obstacles for such collaborations. To minimize this, Typodiversity proposes an online, bilingual, and time-flexible seminar.

Stay tuned for more details!

Contact us at info[at]typodiversity[dot]net